HRC Shot Glass Collectors

Welcome to the world of collecting Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses!

The HRC shot glass collection is ginormous.  That's right, ginormous! Just starting? Here are some words of wisdom before falling down the rabbit hole with that bottle of Tequila!

Is that evil laughter or crying we hear?

It's Not About The Drinking

Yeah as a social group we've been known to meet up and have a drink or two. Ok maybe more than “two.”... but I’ll blame it on the delicious pineapple (sorry inside group joke). The shots are pretty, heck some are a bit risqué (Vegas anyone?) but they are very cool to collect and display. So for collectors just starting out, this is a great site to know what's what for Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses.  Not new to the world of shots? Well, thanks for coming back or checking out this site. It's a great resource to help with all those spreadsheets - know what I mean?

As witnessed on this site, there are a sheer number of shot glasses that have been released. Many locations have put out creative designs, others are going for the world record for number of releases (2 hints) and some cafes even put out a special edition to raise money for charity!  Go ahead, pick out some favorites!

This site has constant updates. It is under major re-construction right now and there are frequent changes as a group of helpers test it out.  Just keep in mind that although the goal is to keep this site consistent with what’s come out at the cafes, hotels and casinos, it does require time, info and pictures.  Don’t keep that new find a secret - help the group out!

On a social note, many of us are on Facebook and we also have a Yahoo group. We love to trade shots and help other collectors! Feel free to find us on these sites. Some of us also collect other Hard Rock Cafe merchandise and we all like to hang out at the Cafes (why drink alone?). If you're visiting a HR Cafe, make a post on one of our FB sites or Yahoo group and maybe someone will be in the area to meet up to talk shots or just have a drink! Check out our About page to learn more about us!

For those collectors that have visited the previous site, the design and layout has changed for various reason but mostly because it was time. There were issues reworking the pages after the site was hacked by some a**hat.  Anyway, also due to some maintenance considerations some pages have been discontinued and will not be added back to this site.  Others are being reworked so check back! I hope you like it.  Cheers!


It's not about the Tequila or Goldschlager (delicious bonus though!), we are about shot glasses! The collection has grown considerable over the past 15 years and while a great hobby, keeping track of all the shots is a bit of a chore. This site hopes to help in the effort to list the various shots released. Think we've missed something? Help us out!


Under Construction

Stay with us as we rebuild from the original site that unfortunately couldn't keep up with changing browsers. Frames had to go by the wayside (sad but true). This has been a long time coming and we thank you for your patience. It's going to be a bit different but we hope you like it. Keep coming back, more data is added weekly...

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