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Welcome to the world of Hard Rock Cafe shot glass collecting. This is our hobby and this site is an attempt to catalog every shot glass that has been released over the years by each location.

For the most part, many of us have been collecting for a number of years now. We all have a story of how we started collecting them: as a souvenir from a trip, as a token of our conquest over tequila or because a friend or family member went on an expensive trip without us and all we got was the "stupid" shot glass. Regardless, we've come to enjoy the collection and challenge of chasing the last one down (figuratively and literally!). For some of us, the hobby is a bit of obsession while others are only out to collect a select group of the collection.

Due to the hobby we've come to know each other, whether through the Yahoo group (link below), meeting up at cafes or from buying or selling on eBay. We're a fairly diverse group with members in different parts of the world, occupations and social structure (we're not the comic book geek living in mom and pop's basement...not that there's anything wrong with that).

This hobby certainly rocks but one of the best things has been the community and friendship we've found with fellow collectors. We're open to new memberships (free discussion group on Yahoo - link below) so if this website is useful and interesting, consider joining us! Ask questions, buy or trade shots with fellow collectors.

We are also on Facebook! Come trade on-line! Many of us also collect other Hard Rock Cafe merchandise and we all like to hang out at the Cafes (why drink alone?). If you're visiting a HR Cafe, make a post on one of our FB sites or Yahoo group and maybe someone will be in the area to meet up to talk shots or just have a drink!


Well if the above wasn't enough info, can't say we have anything more to share right now! Seriously, isnt' there something more interesting to research on the internet? Celebrity with bad fashion sense? John Cusack was in a good movie?

Alright fine, another tip.
It. Goes. Down. Smoooooth.


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